The KudaCAN interface allows it to operate car ECUs (e. g. instrument clusters) without connection to a vehicle.


KudaCAN transmits CAN-messages to ECUs without having to be connected to a PC.

KudaCAN is a stand-alone residual bus simulation which is available immediately after startup and does not require additional interaction.

The CAN functions are transferred one-time from a PC to the KudaCAN interface and are stored inside the KudaCAN. The required software is provided with the KudaCAN interface.

Typical fields of application:

  • Fairs and showrooms
  • Presentations
  • Tests, e.g. lab-tests, end-of-line tests (EOL) during assembly or endurance tests


CAN channels:1 or 2
Data rate highspeedmax. 1 Mbit/s
Data rate lowspeedmax. 125 Kbit/s
CAN-transceiver highspeed:TJA1043
CAN-transceiver lowspeed:TJA1055
CAN-connectorD-Sub plug 9 pin
Dimensions165 x 108 x 42 mm
Weight:520 g
Internal memory:4 GB
Input voltage6 – 20 V, typical 12 V. Connection via 4mm lab connectors
Current consumptionmax. 150 mA, typical 100 mA

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