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RuTast-Software makes it possible to write Cyrillic letters, using a Latin keyboard.

The next illustration shows the RuTast-Interface:

The software uses an onscreen keyboard with Russian standard and phonetic layout. On each key is a Latin and a Cyrillic letter. Therefore it is much easier for the user to choose the right key for the corresponding Russian letter.

The next illustration shows the standard keyboard layout.

The standard keyboard layout has two differences compared with the phonetic keyboard layout:

  1. The pronunciation of the English and the Russian letter on one key is not the same. For example, together with the English letter A you will have the Russian letter Ф (see circle 1).
  2. The punctuation marks are not the same (see circle 2).

These two disadvantages are considered in the phonetic keyboard layout shown in the next illustration.

Advantages of the phonetic keyboard layout

  1. The pronunciation of the English and Cyrillic letters corresponds as far as possible. For example, on the key with the English A your will find the Russian A (see circle 1 on the illustration above).
  2. The punctuation marks correspond (see circle 2).
  3. Letters without correspondence like "Tverdyj znak" are located under the function keys (see rectangle above).
  4. The onscreen keyboard is clearer as there are fewer characters on it.

Creating of new keyboards

It is possible to make a new keyboards, e. g. "sequential" keyboard, as shown in the next illustration.

Other specials of the RuTast software

  1. The input of words is possible with the keyboard or the mouse.
  2. After changing the language the color of the onscreen keyboard changes. In the standard adjustment the English keyboard is displayed in black and the Russian keyboard in blue to clearly show the chosen language.
  3. No changes in settings of operating system.

The development team hopes you enjoy working with RuTast.

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